Covid 19 and the World of Work What to Know

Covid 19 and the World of Work What to Know

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€ 12.00

As established by the Agreement Between the State and the Regions of July 7, 2016, refresher couses valid for all persons in charge of security can be obtained via e-learning modality


Update valid for workers, supervisors and managers pursuant to art. 37 Legislative Decree. 81/08 and the State Regions Agreement of 07/07/16

Training Purposes:

to provide participants with useful information on behavior to assume in the workplace in order to avoid the spread of the virus and to give some valuable advice related to the management of emotions, time and activities.

Course content:

COVID-19: What It Is and How to Prevent Its Spread

  • Introduction to microbiology and coronaviruses
  • Prevention and protection systems
  • Risk management in the company

Psychological aspects related to the COVID-19 emergency

  • How to manage emotions
  • The reorganization of time and activities
  • The right information
  • Correct procedures in the workplace

Included in the course:

The course participation fee includes the teaching material, the issuance of the certificate, the assistance and support of a tutor during the lessons, post-course assistance.

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