The Executive Training

The Executive Training

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16 ORE

€ 200.00

Educational purposes:

The training path aims to convey to the executives the basis of a "culture of safety at work” apart from that of fulfilling the merely formal obligations stated by law. 

Certificate of attendance:

Each participant will recive a certificate, after having successfully passed the final test, pursuant to the State-Regions Agreement 07/07/2016.

Course content:

Module 1:

"Normative- legal";

Module 2:

"Management and organization of security and safety";

Module 3:

"Risks identification and assessment";

Module 4:

"Communication, training and consultation of the workers";

Included in the course:

The course participation fee includes the teaching material, the issuance of the certificate, the assistance and support of a tutor during the lessons, post-course assistance.

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